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Between myself and the hubs, we’re doing an immense amount of traveling this year. What’s awesome about that, besides getting to see some really cool places, is that we have also discovered some pretty cool packing tips too. Since I’m getting all packed up for Mom2.0Summit this week, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite travel tips to help you Pack like a Pro on your future trips.

Packing ProTip No.1  

Pack small jewelry in a PillBox

packing protips  travel tips

 Packing ProTip No.2

Wrap warm styling tools in potholder & secure with hair tie before adding to your suitcase.

packing protips  travel tips

Packing ‪ProTip No.3
Wrap shoes in a showercap to protect clothing in your suitcase.

packing protips  travel tips


Aren’t these GENIUS??!? Well, if you thought thses were cool- just wait…. We’ve got a few more tricks in our suitcases but we’ll have to unpack those for you in another post. I’ve got to get some sleep so I can  I catch my plane early in the morning.

For now, Share some of your best travel tips or packing #momhacks with me in the comments below!


  1. Jennifer Williams says

    I like some of those ideas for day to day stuff. The pill box would be perfect for keeping jewelry from getting tangled. The hair cap is a great idea for keeping in the car for after I go for a run and end up with muddy shoes.

  2. I usually do carry on and try to make the most out if little space. I roll my clothes so they fit my carry in better
    Gingermommy (@Gingermommy) recently posted…Making healthy choices with T-fal ActifryMy Profile

  3. I like that jewelry idea! That is brilliant!
    Amber NElson recently posted…15 Spring Wreath IdeasMy Profile

  4. I travel a lot and these are so helpful! I’ll definitely be wrapping my flat iron in a pot holder from now on.

  5. Ok that is smart and really awesome! I would have never thought about the little holder for jewelry, I actaully don’t even take them when Im traveling because I don’t want to lose any!
    mburbage recently posted…Slow Cooker Minestrone SoupMy Profile

  6. These are such great ideas! I really love the shower cap over the shoes one. I think I have heard of it before, but always forget to use it. I’m always trying to figure out where to put my shoes so they don’t get the clothes dirty.

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