Mom Hacks : 3 Quick Fixes to Make Life a Little Easier #MomHacks

Combining the daily workload of home and office and the To Do List can seem never ending. After traveling off and on for what seems like weeks, I have put  each of these to the test in an effort to make the daily grind a little easier, Tried and true, we are presenting our #MomHacks to you.  Inexpensive, everyday fixes, so simple you’ll surely think “Why haven’t I done this before?!”

Mom Hack No. 1 :Keep closets smelling fresh with DIY closet sachets
Take a few mesh jewelry bags and fill them with 1/4 cup of the pelleted scent boosters found in the laundry aisle. Your clothing will smell fresh longer and items kept in a coat closet will never have a musty odor.
*ProTip: place inside stored suitcases to keep them fresh between flights.

Mom Hacks diy closet sachet

Mom Hack No. 2 : Laundry Tongs

Training the family to do their own laundry is a #MomHack I have especially enjoyed. Some pre-teens and very possibly shorter individuals like myself, may not be able to reach the bottom of the washing machine. A pair of tongs designated just for the laundry room will allow them to finish up the job with no additional assistance and assure every article gets into the dryer.

LG Mom Hacks for Laundry

MomHack No.3  :  No lost socks! 
Almost everyone I know battles for a solution to misplaced socks. Give each family member a mesh laundry bag to place their dirty socks in. On laundry day just throw the bag in the washer and dryer as in and you will never loose socks again. You will also same time on pairing them up.

Mom Hacks Lost socks

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Making life easier for everyone is what it’s all about- Share YOUR best Mom Hack in the comments below!

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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    Lost socks are the worst. Why have I never thought to wash them in a bag before?

  2. I’ve been considering using a mesh bag for my son’s socks. They’re so small, and the bag would make that part of laundry SO much easier!
    Jaime recently posted…Happy National Running Day! #fitfluential #sweatpinkMy Profile

  3. I think the lost sock problem in our house is unsolvable. My kids will shove one sock in the couch cushion and the other in the laundry basket. Thankfully they don’t cry about mis matched socks.
    aimee fauci recently posted…Chalkboard Flower PotsMy Profile

  4. Ugh socks, hate hate hate them. These are some great hacks! I absolutely will be trying these.

  5. I love the tongs idea. This will help getting the job done right.
    Lady Lilith recently posted…Blogging BreakMy Profile

  6. I like that socks idea. We have a basket FULL of unmatched socks.
    Amber NElson recently posted…17 Delicious Burger RecipesMy Profile

  7. I love the mesh bag for socks. This would help in my house, there is always one sock missing from the pair!
    Paula Schuck recently posted…What to Pack for Summer Camp – Six Essentials Including Mabel’s Labels Special Camp PackMy Profile

  8. Great ideas! Lol. What didn’t I think of these things?

  9. I have two large laundry baskets full of miss matched socks. Would you help mate my socks kids hubbys and mine all together were all the same size in socks minus Bella so I am thinking everyone gets the same socks. Maybe a new life hack I’m going to try. I love life hacks

  10. I love the closet sachets. I totally am going to do that hack.

  11. That is funny that you posted this because I am so tired of the socks getting lost in the wash that it has been on my list to purchase one of these laundry bags. It is amazing how the wash machine or dryer loses socks!
    Mama to 5 BLessings recently posted…Tips For Family Travel Road Trips (Making For A Safe & Comfy Ride)My Profile

  12. thelesleyshow says

    I love these tips! They will definitely make my life easier.

  13. I love the mesh bag idea! Will save lots of frustrations, for sure!

  14. Those are awesome hacks. I am pulling my hair about the socks. It is frustrating
    Mykidsguide recently posted…20 Patriotic Teen Fashions That Won’t Liberate Your Entire AllowanceMy Profile

    • flaviusv25 / Deuteronom 22:5 “Femeia să nu poarte îrÄÄbƒcmƒminte bărbătească, ÅŸi bărbatul să nu se îmbrace cu haine femeieÅŸti; căci oricine face lucrurile acestea este o urâciune înaintea Domnului, Dumnezeului tău.”aici e vorba de travestire .. apropo ca multi aduc argumentul asta atunci cand vad o femeie in pantaloni.. dar de cand pantalonii is exclusiv barbatesti? Cum spuneam aici e vorba de travestire.

  15. I never thought about laundry tongs. I know my son would really benefit from from having a pair.

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