Dove Beauty: Who do you feel beautiful for? #FeelBeautifulFor

I’m honored for this post to be included as part of the Dove #feelbeautifulfor campaign and a big thanks to Global Influence for sponsoring this post.


As much as we try to differentiate ourselves from our parents when we are children, and even more so as teenagers, somehow little reflections of our upbringing always seem to peek through no matter what. As a parent myself now, I am  keenly aware of how true this really is. When our kids were toddlers it was shown in a game they played to mimic me. I should have been flattered, right? But having daughters who grow up watching me, imitating me, reflecting my words and seeing the world through my eyes, makes how I model my life before them not a game to be taken lightly.

I want my girls to always feel beautiful about themselves. Not because they measure up to a certain standard set for “beauty” but instead because they just feel confidently beautiful inside and out. When I think back on the times they would imitate me, most often it wasn’t the big dramatic movements they chose to copy but the small discreet mannerisms. The one or two-word phrases, the way I would brush the hair off my forehead, etc., This makes the things they hear me say about myself each day so important. What would I do if I heard my daughters saying to themselves some of the things I thought or muttered about myself as I get ready each day??

The reality is if I want my daughters to feel beautiful about themselves. I have to model the confidence of beauty for them each day. It is the daily consistency that will leave a legacy for our daughters to feel strong, confident and beautiful.

Dove is encouraging women of all ages to build a legacy for feeling beautiful.  Visit the Dove Beauty page on Walmart’s website to see what Dove is doing to help build girls’ self-esteem, hear what other women have to say about their beauty legacy, and to see great deals on Dove products.  Make sure to share your thoughts on Dove Beauty using the #feelbeautifulfor and tell us who you feel beautiful for each day.

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Beauty Legacy – Resourceful Mommy Network

How do you set and example of living beautifully to those around you? Who do you #feelbeautiful for each day? 

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