Frozen Family Day #icemaggedon

frozen branchesCRAaaaccCK! That was the sound startling me out of a sound sleep early this morning. It took me a minute to realize that was the sound of frozen branches falling away from the enormous neighborhood trees that seem so strong most of the year. We quickly threw on our closest warm clothes and dashed outside to asses the damage. We found we weren’t the only ones up and outside this early morning. Several of our neighbors were gathered up and down the street helping one another move branches off roofs and clearing walkways. We were lucky not to have had any damage ourselves, the fallen branch we woke up to was from a neighbors tree. It fell just outside our bedroom window with no damage but we continued to be on high alert as we heard large trees breaking throughout the day from the weight of the heavy ice.

We were prepared a bit with the advance warning about today’s ice storm aka Icemaggedon. Our schools were wise to make the call too close last night and many businesses closed or delayed openings as well. Many of our fun weekend outings & plans were canceled, including several Christmas parades and even the Dallas Marathon. Several of our friends were without power for hours today and some still are without power.

Checking out our frozen world this morning.

On the upside, we were glad to be safe, warm and together today. All sides of our trampoline outside were covered in an extra thick sheet of ice that the kids thought was fascinating. It was like our very own ice castle. We enjoyed bundling up and exploring the world of ice outside for a while, sliding down the extra slippery side, creating makeshift sleds, warming our gloves by the fireplace, cuddling under blankets, and several rounds of dominoes. In the kitchen, I discovered we had all the ingredients to make a large pot of bacon-potato soup. So at lunchtime we gathered around the kitchen table enjoying the warm bowls, sniffling the way warm soup can often make you do on a cold day.

It was a great day for us to be iced in as a family. Sometimes you need those days to be forced together with no external requirements. A lot of things can be restored over a warm bowl of soup, living room laughter, and a day of only keeping score on the board game.


  1. Stopping by from SITS!

    This took me back to the days of being snowed in in NY. Although I lived alone, I enjoyed those days. Because I knew they were coming, I stocked up on all of my favorite foods, picked up a couple of Blockbuster movies and stayed cozy indoors until it was all over.

    You’re right, sometimes we need those days. A lot can be restored.

    Stay warm and enjoy!
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  2. It was a fun day for us too! I was so grateful Josh didn’t have to go anywhere. His work allowed him to stay home. I have to admit though…I was just a tad jealous of your trampoline ice castle!

  3. Love the name choice of this blog…so cute!
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