Field Trip to the Perot Museum

Perot Museum frogs

This year the 2nd grade field trip was scheduled for the Perot Museum in Dallas. For several years my husband and I have had an “understanding” about the kid’s school functions. I mainly do in-class functions ( think room-mom duties & volunteering) and he covers out-of-class functions (think sporting events & field-trips). We both enjoy being equally involved in the kid’s school activities but sometimes its easier to divide and conquer. Randy & I were both pretty excited about this one and rather than draw straws, we decided to just tagteam it as chaperons. It was also an opportunity for us to enjoy some quality time with just our youngest. Perot Collage

Sebastian was very excited about this trip because he would get to ride the bus. Since we attend a charter school where daily bus routes aren’t available, riding the bus is a very big deal. He even choose to ride the bus back to school after the museum instead of taking the option to leave early by riding home with us. 

The Perot Musuem building construction itself is amazing to learn about. Inside there are 11 permanent exhibit halls so there is a lot to choose from. We are very lucky that the majority of students were able to have at least one parent attend the field trip. This allowed students to really explore the parts of the museum that were their favorites. I think that as parents,Randy & I are getting a little smarter about this field trip business too. We choose to go to the gift shop first thing because it was virtually empty. No wasting time standing in line anxious that the bus will leave without us! Sebastian ended up choosing a wooden engineering cube that could be transformed into a robot, a pretty infinity ring for Kaitlyn, and two rock candy sticks for Jonathan & Sydney.

After we had picked out our gifts, we took the escalator up to the top floor to check out the Rose Hall of Birds. There was an exhibit there that recognizes your body movement and coordinates it with the simulation of an eagle flying and projected on a large screen. If your kids have ever wondered what it would be like to fly like a bird this exhibit will answer that question for them. rose hall of Birds Perot Museum

After that we moved on to check out all the dinosaurs on the T. Boone Pickens Life Then and Now Hall floor and discover the fossils. Perot Dinosaurs

We still had a bit of time before lunch so I suggested we go to the Lyda Hill Gems and Minerals Hall. This is my favorite part of the museum! Maybe its the girl in me but I love seeing the gems sparkle and discovering how each mineral grows naturally in their unique formations. Inside this hall, there is a 5 foot geode that appears a just another big rock but as you turn a wheel the geode opens to reveal  the sparkling crystals inside. I love seeing the look on the my kids faces when its their turn. It really is just stunning.

Perot Geode

After that, it was time for lunch and we met up with the second grade class at the entrance for a picnic lunch outside. The students really enjoyed this break to eat, visit and play a little. There are giant lime green frogs, a stream leading to a pond and music garden in this area. The Dallas pigeons also knew it was lunchtime because several of them joined us for lunch. They weren’t the least bit daunted by the kids who chased them and always seemed to find their way back for crumbs.

Perot Lunchtime

There was still so much to see. Our afternoon consisted of the Lamar Hunt Family Sports Hall, where we got to compare and analyze Sebastian’s slow motion sports form against other top athletes. Sebastian loved the dinosaurs and fossils so we followed the musical staircase back up a few floors. Our time was almost up and we still hadn’t seen it all. We will definitely be looking into a family pass. It’s my understanding that a family pass also gives you access to hundreds of other museums across the country too.

What is your favorite museum to visit?

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