George Strait : The Cowboy Rides Away

George Strait The Cowboy Rides Away“I was a young troubadour when I rode in on a song . I’ll be an old troubadour when I’m gone”

When I think about my childhood,  so many memories with my Dad are accompanied by a George Strait song playing in the background.  He was my father’s favorite country music artist. We would watch every CMA awards show together and a “Go George!” was shouted out with every nomination. Fast forward a few years and George Strait song even played during my father’s funeral. It just seemed to fit.

Several months ago, Randy and I heard that George Strait would end his music touring career with  “The Cowboy Rides Away”. The last show would be close by in Arlington, Texas. Filled with nostalgia, I simply had to go.  It was something I would have loved to experience with my dad.

George Strait : The Cowboy Rides Away

Both Randy & I had the presale ticket date & hour marked on our calendar but when the day came, the phone lines filled so quickly and the internet site went down. All  tickets sold out within minutes. By a matter of luck, we were able to get an amazing deal on floor seats a few days later. Forget that it would be months until the actual concert, we were beyond thrilled!

On the day of the show, we put on our boots and left early knowing parking and traffic would be crazy. We found our seats (amazingly close to the stage!) and text some of our friends who were also coming to the show to meet us. The best part of any awesome experience is sharing it with friends right?!George StraitThis concert  was by far one THE best shows we have ever been to. In addition to the awesomeness of George Strait, several other artists came to join the stage and sing  along side him as a tribute to hi music career. Alan Jackson, Vince Gill, Sheryl Crow, Martina McBride, Jason Aldeen, Eric Church, Miranda Lambert, Faith Hill, and Kenny Chesney all made stage appearances to sing along with King George that night. There were so many big names, I’m afraid I’m missing someone.

George Strait CMAForget all those memories at home watching the CMA’s, with all the artists on stage it felt like we were AT the CMA’s. It was probably even better because they looked like they were enjoying playing music and singing, not simply performing. They were enjoying the evening as the evening as much as the crowd!

George Strait crowd

Speaking of the crowd, what a crowd it was! The AT& T stadium set a record-breaking attendance that night. The concert drew in 104,793 fans to the AT&T stadium( formerly known as Cowboy stadium). It was amazing to be a part of the evening!

It was kind of an emotional event for me as well. Part of me was unbelievably excited to be there and another part was sad that I didn’t get the opportunity to share it with my Dad who first introduced me to George’s music. He would have loved it.

Since we were on the floor and so close to the stage lots of couples were out in the aisle and next to the stage dancing. Randy and I followed suit. We danced and laughed. And then we danced to some more. It was really an incomparable experience . I mean, how many times in life do you get the opportunity to dance right next to George Strait, Alan Jackson, and Faith Hill while they sing and play for you live???!!  It made for one unforgettable evening and one memory that we will both talk about for the rest of our lives.

George sang “Troubadour” while a video of his music career played in the background. Everyone returned to the stage for an encore performance and then George addressed the crowd saying ““This has been such a special evening for me. Thank you for all the years of support.” After that, he threw his cowboy hat into the crowd, balloons and confetti fell from the ceiling as The Cowboy really did ride away.


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