Time alone. It’s something that in our family we don’t encounter much. We have a cozy and inviting home with three large bedrooms allowing each of us to share a bedroom. It is often that we brush into one another in the hallway during our busy morning rush- it gives me an excuse to catch another hug or pass along a kiss. I like to think of it as the Chase family”Mentor-Mentee program”. We all tag along to each others football games, choir concerts, and  shopping trips. We don’ allow tv’s in the kids rooms so when one of us wants to watch a movie we all end up gathering on the L shaped sofa snuggled in blankets. While some days it is similar living the life of a Disney movie there are the days where one or more of us is in a less than delightful mood or ill and needs a space to be quarrentined. A less than easy task I assure you.


who we are

Being a “Chase” is an amazing thing. We love with our whole hearts, laugh with our whole selves, and live with our whole souls- like no other family I have ever experienced. We are in this for life, good times and bad. We are crazy and quiet, not to mention those moments where we are quite crazy too.  We’re inclusive not exclusive. We believe friends can become family. Come along with us on this journey, and experience our antics, the things we make, bake, the crazy things we say, the people we meet when we’re walking down the street, and The Thrill of being a Chase.