Motherhood is a LOT like Sorority Life

Sometimes becoming a mom is like bidding to the ultimate sorority, a LOT like sorority life actually (it is also a lot like being in a mob family…but for obvious reasons I can’t talk about that).  Think about it…. the super late nights,  people coming into your room at all hours crying about all the things going on in their life, trying to find just the right girls to connect with….and lets not forget the hazing. Except in the “Sorority of Motherhood” the hazing comes from your own children. But we’ll get to all that in a minute…..

Now that I really think about it, there are actually sooooooo many similarities between sorority life and motherhood.

Don’t believe me? Come with me……I’ll explain.

Why Motherhood is like joining a sorority

Sorority Sisters (aka Moms)

Much like a sorority, you will be spending a lot of time with other women and moms while you learn the ropes of motherhood. It’s a tough gig and there are so many insider secrets. In a typical sorority you attend sorority classes with other new pledges about once a week to learn the sorority secrets, traditions, and rules as a group.  In motherhood, there are also secrets, traditions, and “rules”.  There are also classes. Your first classes for motherhood will also meet once a week, only they meet at the birthing center or hospital. But your training doesn’t stop there. As your children grow, your classes will continue to meet once a week but have fun names like “Mommy & Me” and  my all time favorite “Mothers Day Out”.

Through sorority life you get to really know the other girls in your sorority, your sorority sisters. Motherhood works in much the same way. You will find a comradery with new moms immediately. Those who have children in a relative age category will flock to you. Almost from conception, current sisters of “Sorority Mom” can spot new pledges and have no problem offering their own stories of pledging (aka birth stories, motherhood, etc.) They will come alongside you, in the grocery store even, wrap a loving arm around your shoulder, smile knowingly, and pat your pregnant belly. Whether you are new member of a sorority or motherhood, the process can be a little overwhelming at first.  The current sisters rally around you, understanding how difficult it is when you are new and will usually help you get adjusted in the beginning. You, in turn, will do the same for new pledges one day.  The experience of Motherhood, just like  sorority life, will bond you with a new-found sisterhood that can only be achieved through this experience.


As a condition of joining a sorority or fraternity, new members partake in activities are typically silly, embarrassing, and generally make them uncomfortable. In “Sorority Mom”, life is no different. Wellll, there is one difference….

The hazing is not initiated by the other sisters. No, surprisingly it comes from YOUR. OWN.CHILDREN. And to be truthful, it can arise unexpectedly and go on for years. We’ve all heard distressing stories involving hazing, in fact, they may even make you reevaluate pledging/motherhood all together. While it is important to know that not all sororities haze. However, this is not the case in Sorority Mom.

Be aware, ALL children haze.

One very common hazing technique all children employ is the repetitive use of:  “MooOooom….mom..Mom…mom..Mooommmmmm…mom….Mommmmyyyyyy….” while you try to communicate intelligently with other adults. Other common techniques include, but are not limited to,  refusing to potty at home and then informing you of an “emergency” as soon as you’ve entered the toll road, depriving you of sleep for multiple nights ( especially common when you have a presentation to give to the board of directors the next morning), consistent play of their favorite song or dvd, and the favorite tradition….using you as a human Kleenex.

Mixers/Parties (now referred to as Playgroups/Birthdays)

A lot of what is portrayed about sorority life deals with sorority mixers and parties. Not to worry you’re partying days ARE NOT behind you. Being a Sorority Mom is no different.  Many sororities hold their own parties at their house, and as a Sorority Mom, you’ll have plenty of parties at your house too! Though these days you will more than likely refer to them as “birthdays” & “playgroups”.  Like sorority parties of your past, your parties will still have crazy, fun themes and many of your guests will still come in costumes ( even if it isn’t a costume party). When hosting, you will still need to watch out for that crowd with a tendency to undress when left unattended, now known as toddlers.

Lets not forget the girly sleepover parties. If you were getting blue, that your time at Sorority Mom may not have the whim late night sleepovers you were used to, be not dismayed. There are no shortage of late nights here. Remember, you are dorming with children now. From the moment they move in your roomies will undoubtedly wake you up to host late night “get togethers”. As the years go on, there will be no shortage of impromptu nights where you’ll get curl up with them in jammies, watch movies and  make cookie dough.

You see what I mean now, right??? 😉

Motherhood and sorority life both provide opportunities for life long friendships and hysterical memories you will never forget. Sometimes your sisters will drive you crazy ( your kids too) but the support they provide is priceless. Motherhood can be rough on your own. We need need to stick together and remember to genuinely welcome in the new pledges (and their kids).

If you’re new,  here’s your official “Welcome, we’re glad you’re here.”

No matter what stage you are in, enjoy it! Make right now the best time of your life-  Because it is.


So Easy Crock-Pot Applesauce

We are enjoying all things fall here in the Chase house. Leaves, cooler temps, and most of all fall foods. While I am all about baking and cooking up some culinary delights, right now I want to be spending my time enjoying this fall weather with my family. I am also looking for some low sugar/no-sugar desserts because of all the effort we are making to get healthy( although you can totally add sugar to this recipe, actually I just omitted it because we normally enjoy unsweetened applesauce anyway.). Get ready because the recipe I’m sharing today will be so easy. Apples are a-plenty this season and if apple picking is on your list of family favorite activities you will no doubt need several ways to enjoy them. I have discovered one absolute delicious way to enjoy them and make your home smell AMAZING at the same time!!!

so easy crockpot applesauce

What you’ll need

  • Crockpot
  • 8-12 Apples, any variety, cored and sliced. You can even mix varieties
  • 2 cups of Water

*optional add ins: sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg, or even apple pie spice

Easy Crock-Pot Applesauce Directions:

Core and slice apples (peeling is optional). Combine water, cinnamon, sugar or any add-ins you like in crock-pot. Add sliced apples. Cook on high for 4 hours or low for 6-7 hours. Use a potato masher to break up and chunks, mash and stir to get it the consistency you prefer.Once its cooled store in the refrigerator. It is also delicious warm. You could also serve it warm with oatmeal or ice cream.

And really, your house will smell amazing! I’m thinking I will do this when we have company staying with us because it just smells “like home”.  One more thing, get yourself one of these apple slicers with the cushy handles. Its worth it.



Making School Night Meals Simple (aka MOM WIN!)

School nights are no joke at our house! Between homework x5, late night meetings, chores, last minute errands, pets, sports, music lessons, and running club, dinner is the last thing in my schedule I need to be complicated. Last night I was so grateful for Courtney’s blog on quick and easy chicken Parmesan dinner at . With it’s 5 simple ingredients and quick prep to table time, I think ya’ll will love it too!

(Recipe from
6 Tyson Fully Cooked Breaded Chicken Tenders
1 1/2 cups Hunt’s Tomato Sauce
3/4 cup mozzarella cheese, shredded
6 Tbsp grated Parmesan cheese
1 lb Spaghetti, cooked and drained
1 cup Hunt’s Tomato Sauce
*I added Italian spices to give it a little more flare for my family’s liking!
1. Prepare the chicken in oven according to package directions
2. Top each chicken tender with 1/4 cup heated tomato sauce, 2 Tbsp mozzarella cheese and 1 Tbsp Parmesan cheese.
3. Return to oven and bake until cheese is melted
4. Serve over cooked and sauced pasta
*We always substitute spaghetti squash for traditional spaghetti noodles to keep carbs low and add in more veggies. I just microwave it and find it easier than boiling water.
Alongside a tossed salad made from our bountiful basket pick up over the weekend and we were all set with a quick and healthy meal that everyone LOVED!! We are definitely qualifying this meal as a MOM WIN!!