Adding “ME Time” to your holiday To-Do list

holiday me time to do list
(This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Weave Made Media®, PEOPLE® and The Hershey Company®, but all my opinions are my own. #weavemade #HolidayMeTimeMags

Happy Thanksgiving Week everyone!  Our kids have a short week at school. So that means my daily to-do list just went into double time : groceries, cleaning, packing, prepping for guests, unpacking decorations, baking, not to mention laundry. Always with the laundry! And all to be completed in less time than before. I need to make a plan!

to do list

What’s on your to-do list this week? Whatever is on the list this week, make sure that as you prep to carve the turkey, you are carving out some “ME Time” in your schedule too. Mom’s have a natural tendency to put the needs of others and the want for “perfection” above taking care of themselves. The truth is that is you need to take a few minutes for yourself to relax and rejuvenate during this season.

Before you get overwhelmed with all that is on your list, plan right now for the time that you are going to need to de-stress. Add a few things that are special treats just for YOU.
me time treats

As I was out shopping at one of my trips to Randall’s I made sure to add in a PEOPLE magazine and Hershey’s bar on my trip. (Yes. Get the King Size. Trust me on this. The holidays require copious amounts of chocolate!) I’m tucking these items away for a few moments of “ME Time”.

I’m envisioning sitting down to relax as the pies finish baking or after the kids have snuggled up in their beds. I will cozy up on the sofa by the fire, take a deep breath and enjoy a magazine that’s just for me. For today’s ME time I planned to work at the coffee shop and tucked my magazine and Hershey’s chocolate in my bag for some me time then too.

to do list with queen

Randall’s Just4U program wants to help make that much-needed ME Time possible! Save $1 off one People or Sunset magazines and one Reese’s, Hershey’s or other selected King size bar (2.1 to 5.0 oz) with a Just4U digital coupon ( while supplies last).  This coupon is available from 11/21/14 – 12/19/14. Register online or in-store for free, then load the coupon into your account. You can also use the Just4U app on your phone while shopping in store.

Learn more about the Just4U program and grab your coupon on the website here.

I also picked up some amazing tricks & tips about organizing all the holiday activities in one of the PEOPLE articles I read.

photo 3 (7)What do you do to de-stress and have some me time during the busy holidays?


Supermoms are Always Discreet

Some days I like to think of myself Superhero. Well, more like a SuperMom. But ya know how every super hero has a weakness? SuperMoms have weaknesses too. In fact, almost all SuperMoms I know have one EXACT same weakness. Any guesses??? Weak bladders. Happens to the best of us.

All of a sudden  dancing, running, and sneezing are no laughing matter...but really, you’ve gotta watch how hard you laugh! So many everyday perils the a girl must watch out for. Truth is that after baby number 4, I would often let the fear of a little leakage keep me from trying new things or giving my all because of what might happen. That’s just NOT me though. Taking on new adventures is who I am. I like living life and trying new things. I am an “ALL IN” type of girl. Unfortunately trampoline time with the kiddos became my kryptonite.

Always Discreet superheros

To keep my title as a SuperMom, I had to find a way to overcome this weakness. Every superhero has their special “something” that aids them in their superpowers, right? I mean, Thor has a his hammer, Captain America has his shield, Iron Man has his special suits, Wonder woman has her lasso and invisible jet. I just needed a shield of sorts  and to make this work it was going to have to be practically invisible. Enter Always Discreet to help protect all the SuperMoms everywhere from villainous bladder leaks so we  can dance with freedom, laugh with confidence, and be our super-selves without worry.

Determined I would confidently be able to run all the races, and jumping tall buildings in a single bound again ( Ok, let’s face it I am still working on those box jumps), I headed to Target and was pleased to find the new Always Discreet line on sale.

always discreet display

Always Discreet has an entire line of products that include liners, pads and underwear specially designed to help meet your bladder control needs, from those small little leaks up through heavier urine losses.

Always Discreet Product Line-Up

Liners are for smaller/light leaks and absorbs 2X more than you may need*. Pads are for moderate leaks and are up to 40% thinner than the leading brand and also absorbs 2X more*. The Always Discreet underwear is for larger leaks with Dual LeakGuard™ barriers help prevent leaks where they happen most.(*based on average US consumer usage)

The products can be differentiated by the main color on the package; liners are dark pink, pads are blue, and underwear is green. Also, different absorbencies are visualized by the droplets printed on the side of each package, with each drop filled in being a more absorbent product.

SuperMoms also know how to get super savings too! Here are some great offers to save in store and online:

In-Store Savings:
Text DISCREET to TARGET (827438) for instant coupons on Always Discreet. (Expires 12/31/14)
Now through October 25, when you buy $20 of Always Discreet products, you get a FREE carrying case ($6 value). Look for the Always Discreet display at your local Target!
Online Savings:
Enter promo code DISCREET at checkout to save $1. Visit here for details. (Expires 12/31/14)
Request a FREE sample while supplies last!
Subscribe and Save! Discreet delivery to your door at a great value – 5% off + free shipping + an extra 5% when you use your red card.  Click here for more details.

Do you battle with a weak bladder at times too? How have you tried Always Discreet? Keeping it part of your secret identity or do you talk about it with other SuperMoms?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Even when I don’t feel like it… I’m Enough

I'm Enough CollagePsst….Wanna know a secret??? Sometimes I don’t feel pretty. Know what else? Sometimes I get totally distracted by phone calls, and homework, and I leave the sheets in the washing machine and even though it’s almost midnight my husband can’t go to bed until they finish drying. Sometimes it’s 4 am and I’m working instead of sleeping so I can play with my kids and see some of my sweetest friends later today even though I should really be packing to move.

Sometimes, I’m REALLY  just a little bit critical of myself. Yep, I tend to set the bar WAY up high. I pack my schedule til the zipper won’t zip. The goals and expectations I set for myself are lofty to say the least.  The self-talk usually plays out something like this… a scenario from my actual life.

“I think I should become a runner. Oh, you haven’t run since high school P.E.? AND you have asthma…. No big deal. You say you are 34 and overweight? Lace up your shoes. You will start running now. In July. In the scorching Texas heat. You will smile while you sweat. No excuses. You just ran a 5k. Good job. Now you will run a 10K. Awesome. Now Run with Bulls! But, really go run with the bulls. (-terrifying, btw-) Next you will run a half marathon.”  This is my life…my actual life and it can be applied to most everything I do.

You see, even when I do finally accomplish those ridiculous goals I’ve set, for whatever reason I still feel like it’s not enough. The funny thing is, so many other women are walking around feeling the EXACT same way.

Am I being a good enough Mom?  Did I pack a note in the lunch boxes?  Am I supporting my husband?  Am I too quirky? What do the neighbors think?  Did I give my ALL at bootcamp?  Should I volunteer more/less?  Should I work more/less?  Does my butt look big?  Am I being a good enough friend?  Do I make a difference? 

The Mrs. ( from Austin Texas – shout out!!) will be releasing their debut EP this fall. They decided to write about their own lives – like the challenge of juggling a career, marriage, motherhood and friendships, while still trying to maintain their own identity. They set out to encourage other women to look themselves in the mirror and help them see that they are Enough. I love these ladies because they are telling “our story”. They just get where I am in life right now because they are living it too.

Women everywhere are accomplishing great big, huge things everyday. Yet,we still doubt ourselves. We are making a difference in the lives of others but somehow we walk around not seeing ourselves as we really are. Our daughters, our sons, our friends, our coworkers, our husbands and people we don’t even know are watching us and they think we are AMAZING! You want to know why? It’s not because of the stuff we do. It’s certainly NOT about how we feel. It’s who we ARE. Who YOU ARE is ENOUGH.

The next time the negative self-talk creeps around, I encourage you to pause, look yourself  in the mirror and say ….


Because YOU REALLY ARE ENOUGH. You are amazing.

Thanks so much to the Mrs. for sponsoring today’s discussion and reminding me that I’m Enough!

Papa Murphy’s is Making Dinner on National Mom’s Nite Out May 8th #PapaMurphysMNO

Hey Mama friends! Ever feel like you need a break? (hand raised) I know I do!!  Well, good news!! We  are getting one- THIS WEEK! National Mom’s Nite out is coming up May 8th! Even better, Papa Murphy’s wants make dinner for your family that night too! No need to stress about dinner, it’s your night to relax!

On May 8th, at participating Papa Murphy’s locations, you can take advantage of the Mom’s Meal Deal*. For only $12, you can treat your family to any large 2-topping pizza and your choice of 2 sides: Cheesy Bread, Cookie Dough, Cinnamon Wheel or S’mores Pizza. Dad will have dinner under control while you are out with your friends or even if you just decide to relax uninterrupted in a bubble bath!   

Here is the coupon & promotion details. Print it out or pull it up on your phone, but make sure you show it at your Papa Murphy’s location to redeem the offer.

Papa Murphys Moms Nite Out

*Valid on May 8, 2014 ONLY. Limited time offer. Limit 3. Not valid with any other offers. Valid only at participating locations. Coupons cannot be sold, transferred or duplicated.

I’m an #LGMOM !!

So excited to make this announcement – I am officially a #LGMOM! logo lg #LGMOM

I was THRILLED to be invited to be a VIP Blogger for LG. LG is an incredible company committed to making amazing products for home and life. Talk about being “over the moon” excited when our new LG washer and dryer arrived last week!

LG Collage #LGMOM

I had been eyeing this pair in the store for a few weeks and now they are ours!! It seriously has made a world of difference in my schedule. I had no idea how much “extra” time I was spending doing laundry or how much laundry was being left undone in this family of six.  The LG TurboWash technology saves me 20 minutes per load!! It makes such a big difference. I am actually caught up on all our laundry. This is a huge task and such a great feeling for this mama to have it all done!

Disclosure: my family was provided LG appliances as part of this program