PRO Compression Socks Review & Giveaway


Great news , guys! Remember last month ( aka Birthday Month!) when I made my birthday wishlist? One of the things I had been really wanting was a great pair of compression socks.  I haven’t made a birthday list since childhood!! Most everything  on my list was fitness related & well, I actually got almost EVERYTHING on my list!

I had heard such great things about how compression socks can help reduce fatigue and can increase recovery time. You can read more about the benefits here. I  knew they had to be on my list.  The great folks at PRO Compression helped make my birthday wishes come true by sending me a pair of Marathon PRO Compression socks to try out.

pro compression socks

I was super excited when they arrived in the mail and couldn’t wait for my next run to try them out. When I first took them out of the package and began to put them on I was surprised by how snug they were. Not uncomfortable at all, just really snug. They were full length and came in a deep purple. I was impressed with the wide selection of fun colors and patterns that were also available.

During my run, they felt great! They didn’t budge from when I put them on and didn’t ever feel too tight. I didn’t really notice them at all during my run, at least not in a way the inhibited my running. What I did notice most about them came wearing them after my run. I wore them for most of the afternoon after my morning run. You know the typical leg aches you can get after a run? Nothing that day. I felt great ALL day, not tired or achy even later that evening. I am all about anything that helps keep me moving forward and recovering faster!  I will be putting another pair of PRO Compression socks on my Christmas list too.

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holiday socksneonyellowpinkstripe

GIVEAWAY TIME!!…… PRO Compression wants to give one of my readers a pair of compression socks too! You’ve got several chances to enter so make sure to complete each one!


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*PRO Compression provided the products for this review & giveaway. All opinions are 100% my own. 


PRO Compression Coupon & Spoiler Alert

I am participating in another 100 mile challenge for December and it is taking some commitment and creativity to fit these extra miles into our already busy holiday schedule. I had completed a previous 100 mile challenge in November, from the 1st – 30th. The newest 100 mile challenge is to be completed within the first two weeks of December. The miles can be walked , run, biked, daily activities, etc. Just 100 miles. So far, I have been running and walking them.  I am 18 miles in.  Because I was taking a significant rise in my daily distance, I was a little concerned about fatigue and recovery times. Recently, I got my first pair of compression socks and can tell a big difference when I wear them.
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SPOILER ALERT : Keep an eye out because tomorrow I have an awesome review & fitness related giveaway starting!! You will not want to miss it!

Fitness Friday Black Friday

Black Friday.
The day after Thanksgiving.
The day after turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, & pumpkin pie.

Not typically the day you want to update your blog on your fitness progress, right?
Well, its fitness friday. Good, bad, or ugly….this is the honest story.

We missed the Turkey Trot we had planned on participating in. Super disappointed about that. This year I did my best to plan a healthier Thanksgiving menu. It was Martha Stewart perfection and so delicious and not full of unnecessary calories. I skipped the rolls but I still indulged an extra slice of pumpkin pie. Ya win some, ya lose some.

I expected a huge set back this morning but to my surprise when I did my weekly weigh in, I was still on track with my goals! Woo Hoo!! Keep moving forward.

Fitbit mileage report

My total Fitbit miles for the 1st day of the 100 mile challenge

Recently, a friend of mine invited me to join a 100 mile challenge beginning on Nov 29, to be completed in 2 weeks! Black Friday to some means early morning shopping, this year it meant early morning running if I was going to get 100 miles done in two weeks. Lucky for me I got a Fitbit for my birthday to help me keep track of my miles. By the end of the day I had logged 7.09 miles. Only 93 more to go!

Possibly the best Black Friday deal I’ve ever made!

Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes 2013

2013 has proven to look  A LOT different for the Chase’s than in years past. We have taken a great steps, literally with the #100milechallenge, to improve our health and set fitness goals ( and we’ve stuck with them!!). As the holidays roll in, I am determined that this season of indulging, festive eating, and lazy days by the fire not cause a setback in all that we have accomplished. I also don’t want to wait to New Years to set new goals.

The goals setting starts now with trying out a healthier Thanksgiving table for 2013.  Here are a few yummy things (with a lot fewer calories!) we’ll be serving this year.

Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes 2013

Quinoa-Stuffed Turkey with Roasted Autumn Vegetables (ordered from

Quinoa-Stuffed Turkey with Roasted Autumn Vegetables

Garlic Green Beans w/ toasted almonds – recipe from Bravo for Paleo


Streuseled Sweet Potatoes- recipe from Preppy Paleo

the preppy paleo: Paleo Streuseled Sweet Potatoes

Maple Pumpkin Custard- recipe from Against all Grain

Maple Pumpkin Custard - Against All Grain

We will  still be enjoying a few of our traditional holiday favorites that would we would be sad to miss out on- it is just once a year, right?  – Grandmamma’s sausage stuffing/dressing for Sydney, traditional mashed potatoes & gravy for Jonathan, pumpkin pie for the littles, and I just created an awesome recipe for homemade pumpkin-cinnamon croissants. Luckily we have planned to run our very first Turkey Trot that  morning  to combat the few “extras” we will still be enjoying.

What traditional recipes have you transformed or added to your holiday menu ?



Fitness Friday 10k Training, New Shoes & Planking Challenge

Hello Friends! Its another busy, busy, week here with the Chase’s.( Isn’t it always…geez. ) We have been here, there, and everywhere but I have a successful Fitness Friday update for you this week, planking challenge, and a review of the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 14 Running shoes.

First things first- WE STARTED 5k-to-10k TRAINING.


I cannot believe that only 6 months ago I could not even run 1 mile without stopping. Nor had I ever really run since maybe high school??? Even then, I was trying to find ways to get out of the P.E. requirement.  Now we are training for a 10k. Blows my mind every stinking time I think about it. It is tough and sometimes it doesn’t feel great when we are doing the actual running part or the getting out the door to go run part……but after we finish a run….I feel like a complete rock star! I mean, probably its endorphins, or just the relief that the hard part is over for that day, but that feeling of accomplishment carries me through so many other areas of life too. It is definitely a confidence booster. I’m still not fast but I am committed. We are part of an amazing running group that is so encouraging and helpful. It great being surrounded by others that believe in you.

Getting new shoes helps too.



Doesn’t EVERY girl love new shoes?!?! Every runner-girl I know definitely LOVES getting new shoes.  Since I had practically worn out my shoes from summer 5k training ( we did the 5k training part 2x) I was in need of a new pair. So my sweet husband took me to the running store and with the help one of the associates, we picked out these Brooks Adrenaline GTS 14 running shoes. (New running shoes were on my birthday wishlist!) They were a brand change from the ones I had been wearing but similar in fit. Let me just tell you, I think I am a Brooks girl for life. They cushion in all the right places and fits snug enough while leaving plenty for room for me to still move my toes. And while I know when you pick out running shoes its all about the fit, not fashion, but this pair is pretty too! I really couldn’t be happier with them!!

As if that weren’t enough, Randy & I are also participating in a planking challenge for November.  For 30 days our group will  keep each other accountable to complete each day’s planking requirement. Planking exercises work your upper abs, your lower abs, your obliques, and your lower back. They also promote good posture and help prevent back injuries. Below  is the plank challenge schedule.   I’d love to have you join us- Just leave me a comment and let me know you are participating!

1.       Get face down on the floor resting on your forearms and knees.
2.       Push off the floor, raising up off your knees onto your toes and resting mainly on your elbows.
3.       Contract your abs to keep yourself up and prevent your booty from sticking up.
4.       Keep your back flat — don’t drop it or you’ll be defeating the purpose. Picture your body as a long straight board, or plank.

Next Fitness Friday, I’ve got some great information on nighttime visibility when you running/cycling & an exciting product review coming up.