Solving Hydration Issues & the Always Discreet Solution

Anytime I notice a stall in my fitness goals or even a backward trend, I reassess my lifestyle. Sometimes it seems that the issue isn’t directly related to how much time I’m spending at the gym, the frequency of my workouts, or eating “bad” foods. Often its little things that can make the difference between moving forward and plateauing.

During my most recent stall (read here to see what fixed it last time) I discovered I wasn’t drinking enough water. I LOVE my h2O. I drink a good deal of water everyday. However, I notice that there is a certain amount of water my body requires to operate most efficiently and help me reach my goals. During the summer, it is 128+ ounces or approx 1 gallon. It may sound like a lot to some but it’s really easy to get in if you just remember to bring a refillable bottle with you throughout your day.

Once I am taking in enough water I start to see progress again. As a mom 4x over, increased water doesn’t come without side effects……

Mo’ Water, Mo’ Problems

Confession: I really believe there isn’t anything I can’t do. I enjoy being active and want to continue to participate in challenging activities. Sometimes too much laughter with my girlfriends can be considered “challenging”.  My bladder on the other hand is not so sure. Combine that with all the extra water and well…you see where I’m going with this right??

My solution to not being super anxious about this is Always Discreet Liners. They are thin enough for me not notice they are there and still provide enough protection when it is needed.With this reassurance, I don’t ever need to hesitate getting the water I need and I can be as active as I like.
Always Discreet gym Bag
Of course I keep them as a staple in my gym bag. I also utilize them for busy days with the kids. Which if I’m being realistic, is like  Anyone else?
Always Discreet Product Line-Up
So that’s another awesome thing I love about Always Discreet. There is a subscription service through that allows them to be shipped directly to your home. I signed up for the convenience but I am also saving money! By subscribing I am saving a % off every time. Signing up was super easy – no extra website to visit! You just check the box next to “subscribe for % off”, directly on,  and the option to choose the frequency of your free delivery will appear. After that, click subscribe and proceed to checkout just like any other purchase.

Interested in subscribing to have an Always Discreet Product delivered to your home? Learn more here.

Hopefully you can all relate to this in one way or another. Little things make a big impact. Are you working towards a fitness goal? Take an assessment of what things you can work into your daily routine that will make a lasting impact towards it. Maybe its more water or having something like Always Discreet delivered to cut out a trip to the store and give you more time or confidence. Look for simple solutions that make life less complicated, save money and help you reach your goals.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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