Fitness Fridays- Balance & Exercise Appointments

Last Fitness Friday update I had been hit and miss on my exercise consistency. I promised you I’d come up with a solution to becoming more consistent. It was a tougher goal than it first appeared I assure you.  The struggle between having enough time/energy/etc to workout and finding the time/energy/etc to workout  was brutal. Whether you are a mom/dad, a busy teacher/professional, or student (heck, maybe you’re like us and are doing all of those) life just doesn’t give you the consideration to stop for a few months minutes so that you can catch up and take care of you. I found I MUST schedule the time to do the things that keep me balanced in life.  I actually have discovered several key areas that I need to make the time for to keep my life balanced because crazy things pop up on A.DAILY.BASIS. Exercise is definitely at the top of that list. Those other things that pop up, although important, are not as important as making sure I am taking care of me.

I honestly used to feel twangs of selfishness when I made time for activities that at first appeared to benefit only me. Maybe it was a slow hour-long run by myself, an online art class, letting the kids have more tv time and an extra snack so I could journal uninterrupted or take a nap.  Taking care of ourselves is not selfish. Making ourselves a priority does not take away from the important people or tasks in our daily lives. In fact,  it is just the opposite. It is saying to everyone that we value them enough to offer them the very best of who we are. Making sure that we take the time to be balanced in our emotions, our bodies, and our spirit is a major benefit to our families, friends and anything we set out to accomplish that day.

On one of our busiest days we got up before the sun to fit in our run. Not skipping your workout will actually give you more energy.

On one of our busiest days we got up before the sun to fit in our run. Not skipping your workout will actually give you more energy.

Our family has experienced a very busy couple of weeks and we decided to start making “Exercise Appointments” for ourselves. At first, scheduling appointment times on our calendars to workout seemed silly but we found that if we didn’t put it in our calendars it didn’t happen. Something about it being written down (for me) or accompanied by an alarm notification from our phones ( for him) made it a goal instead of a wishlist. We were also able to tell our kids or friends specifically what times we would be exercising. We were usually able to schedule around those times and often our friends would want to join us. Two birds, one stone. In addition to making exercise appointments, here are some other things that helped keep us moving even on our busiest weeks:

1.Commit & Set a Goal I am a gold-star-kind-of-girl who like results that can be measured. Although, I can’t always control how quickly the number on the scale moves but I can control how many days I commit to exercise. Every week decide how many days you will work out or how many miles you want to run/walk that month. There are several free apps out there that will track it for you. You can even connect with friends online to make it a competition.

2.Get Up Earlier  ” Buuuuuttttt I’m just not a morning person….”  Me either sweetie. Me.Either. Whether you get up earlier to workout or to finish up another task that will free up time later in the day for you to get that exercise in. Getting up Earlier is one way to build more time in your day. My husband switched his study time for his grad program to early morning so he can still run with our running group in the evening.

3. Go To Bed Earlier I could go on forever on how many people are sleep deprived and the benefits of getting more sleep. Mainly my point here is if you are going to be getting up earlier (see point 1) you are going to need more rest to make it through your day. Note: the first 3 days will be an adjustment period to your body. You are “resetting” be prepared for this.

4.Get Some Friends To Hold You Accountable and Cheer You On There s nothing like being called out on Facebook or twitter for doing a phenomenal job on a hard run. In addition to the awesome running group we joined,  I’ve got a few friends that get together to walk 3+ miles with me several times a week. There are some days we don’t want to walk but on those days a walk with a few good friends usually draws us in any way and we feel so much better afterwards. Those friends will keep you moving and make you look good on social media too. 😉

5. Take The Kids with You That’s right disguise that pesky exercise as FUN. Don’t believe you’ll get a great workout in? Try jumping on the trampoline or playing tag with the kids just once and you will be begging to go back to boot camp. Those little sweeties are some of the toughest trainers around. Their energy is unparalleled but you will get in some great family time and everyone will sleep well that night. (see #2)

6. Make It A Date Sign up for a fun 5k or Color run or Glow Run with your sweetie or a group of friends. We did this a few weeks ago and had a blast!

What are some of the best ways you’ve discovered to fit exercise into your busy lives? 




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