What’s on your Back to School Playlist? Best Buy and Insignia Speakers

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Did you know studies and researchers have found that music can actually help students study to get better grades?? Simply adding familiar music as ambient noise can help you focus and be able to better retain information.  Well…. Say No More. We are on it! Top priority is creating that playlist (or 10).

These days it’s easier than ever to bring your music with you as it ways to listen have become inherently portable. It is a huge part of our lives. Help your kiddos rock their school year with these 2 very affordable Insignia speaker options from Best Buy.

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Insignia™ portable speaker

Insignia™ portable speaker

Kids can listen to their music at home or on the go with this Insignia™ portable speaker. The silicone strap and lightweight design allows it to be clipped virtually anywhere- think backpack, bike, purse, or belt loop! Kaitlyn is planning to take hers along this way as she walks to school this year. It is so much safer than wearing headphones because you can still hear cars and noises.  It features Bluetooth technology for easy wireless audio streaming.

I tested ours out over the weekend at the pool. To my surprise this little speaker packs a powerful sound and is splash proof, so I didn’t have to worry about water ruining it for later. I also discovered it is great in the car as a hands-free, Bluetooth speaker phone.

Product Features:
•Compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices for wireless audio streaming.
•Splash-proof design
•1.5W total system power (2W peak power), produces quality sonic output
• USB charging port keeps electronic devices powered, so you can continue enjoying your favorite songs.
• Rechargeable lithium battery provides up to 6 hours of playback time on a full charge.

Insignia plug in wireless speaker

Insignia Plug In Bluetooth Speaker

This speaker is my top choice for group study sessions. Designed as a wireless audio solution for your home, it plugs directly into your wall outlets – no wires, shelf space or expensive receiver needed. Wirelessly stream your favorite audio in any room of your home with this Insignia plug-in Bluetooth speaker. The speaker features a built-in power adapter and rechargeable battery, allowing over 2 hours of playback.

Unlike some other higher priced plug-in Bluetooth speakers, this Insignia speaker does not need to be plugged in at all times to work. It’s sleek, white design blends in to your home and its portability makes it perfect for taking it with you while you’re outside or on the go.

Product Features:
• Compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices for wireless audio streaming.
• Auxiliary audio input jack connects your non-Bluetooth devices for more listening options.
• Built-in power adapter allows the speaker to stay plugged into a wall outlet to maintain a full charge.
• USB charging port keeps electronic devices powered, so you can continue enjoying your favorite songs.
• Built-in rechargeable battery enables over 2 hours of playback when taking your speaker on the go

We will be publishing our favorite Back to School playlist soon! What songs do you think we should add?