I’m an #LGMOM !!

So excited to make this announcement – I am officially a #LGMOM! logo lg #LGMOM

I was THRILLED to be invited to be a VIP Blogger for LG. LG is an incredible company committed to making amazing products for home and life. Talk about being “over the moon” excited when our new LG washer and dryer arrived last week!

LG Collage #LGMOM

I had been eyeing this pair in the store for a few weeks and now they are ours!! It seriously has made a world of difference in my schedule. I had no idea how much “extra” time I was spending doing laundry or how much laundry was being left undone in this family of six.  The LG TurboWash technology saves me 20 minutes per load!! It makes such a big difference. I am actually caught up on all our laundry. This is a huge task and such a great feeling for this mama to have it all done!

Disclosure: my family was provided LG appliances as part of this program