The Secret to Whiter Teeth in Just 2 Days

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The secret to whiter teeth in just 2 days? Colgate® Optic White™ Toothbrush + Built-In Whitening Pen Review

I am a sucker for an amazing smile. In fact, its probably one of the first things I notice about a person.  I even find myself describing people to my husband based on their smiles. “Honey, you know, the swim coach with the sideways smile…” & ” The lady from the bank who has the great teeth”. I’m not sure he really ever knows who I’m talking about but we both appreciate a friendly smile. I probably missed my call to be a dentist.  Either way I get super excited whenever a new product is introduced that involves improving my own smile.

Brush, Whiten, Go. 2 days to a whiter smile. That’s the marketing behind Colgate Optic White Toothbrush + Built-in Whitening Pen. It sounded pretty simple and promising a whiter smile in only 2 days! Well, lucky for me I had a fancy event coming up  in exactly 2 days and thought this would be a great opportunity to put this product to the test. 
The product design is one of my favorite things about this system. The whitening pen is stored inside the toothbrush handle for easy use. I never forgot where it was and I didn’t forget to use it because it was right there. This is a great space-saving feature if you are traveling frequently. The whitening pen was simple to use and didn’t cause irritation to my gums. Other whiteners I have used in the past may have gotten quick results but they were harsh on my teeth and gums. This product was simple to use on my way out the door in the morning. No rinsing required. It really was as simple as Brush. Whiten. Go.

So……. who’s wondering what my results were after only two days?!

Here are my results:

brighter teeth in 2 days

I have to say I’m very impressed. The ease of use and clear results have me sold as one of my favorite beauty products of the year. The Colgate Optic White Toothbrush + Built-In Whitening Pen comes in at right around ( or under) a $15 price tag making it super affordable too! 

*I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.



  1. Looks great! I’m using Crest Whitestrips right now, but may give this a try next.
    Marni | Love and Duck Fat recently posted…Chocolate Espresso Crinkle Cookie RecipeMy Profile

  2. This looks great! I used whitening gel and trays last summer but I was not too happy about the side effects like funny breath and irritated gums. I will try the whitening pen.
    Ted recently posted…Oral-B Black 7000My Profile

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