Creating an At Home Feeling on Campus #AtHomeStores

Do you have students heading off for College living this fall? The tuition might be expensive, but your decor doesn’t have to be.  At Home Stores Back to Campus collection has everything they’ll need to feel right At Home in their new space. Thanks to At Home and Mom Select for the opportunity to shop in store for our new spaces. and sponsoring our post today. 

At Home Stores Back to College

It comes as no shock to anyone that the square footage of a new apartment or dorm room will be quite a bit less that what you may have been working with at Mom and Dad’s place. The smaller space ( and budget) doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style though. In fact, At Home stores have a wide collection in stock designed for just for campus living.  We were very impressed with the selections.

At Home Stores campus Collection

Finding the collection was simple, as the collections were displayed immediately upon entering.  Our attention was captured by the very feminine light pinks and gold accents but there were plenty of other themes to choose from like a Moroccan theme for those with a Bold Free Spirit, Airscape that lends towards relaxing blue and greys, and even a richer collection of blues for those in a Blue Mood. You can check out all the themes and do a little preshopping by checking out the At Home website here.

Campus Collection At Home Stores

It’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed trying to shop for your new space. We kept thinking “Are we forgetting something?”  It was exceptionally helpful for At Home to provide a move-in checklist display for college students and their parents.  There are lots of little things that you forget about that make life comfortable. You can also download the move-in checklist here to see what you’ll need to shop for!

At Home Stores Organization

Things like laundry hampers, waste baskets, dishes, lint rollers aren’t nearly as fun as decor for the dorm but they are necessities and you’ll find At Home Stores have it all. It’s exceptionally nice to have a one stop shop that doesn’t break the budget . We were able to throw together a cute study nook that doubles as a vanity for under $50! Sharing a bathroom space  with a roommate can get tricky!

At Home stores small spaces

At Home Stores campus living

The mirror, clear makeup organizer, basket, pencil holder and photo display all fit nicely on this versatile shelf system in a corner space. Locating it by the window provides plenty of natural lighting. It really is about making the most of the space you’ve got that will make it feel like home. Just remember no matter how you choose set up your space, give it your signature style. At Home stores are here to help you do just that. Click here for a list of stores near your home or new college abode.

What are your tips for making small spaces feel like home?

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