Disney’s Frozen is back in Theaters Sing-A-Long Style January 31st

If you’ve seen Disney’s Frozen you probably already know just how amazing the soundtrack is. Maybe you left the theater quietly humming some of the songs you remembered. Maybe,  if you went to see it a second or third time you did your very best to sing along quietly under your breath. I mean, you did know all the words from watching the Disney Frozen videos on YouTube, with your kids of course (no judging). But you may have slipped up….

Disney's Frozen sing-a-long

You may have gotten caught up in the moment and magic of the movie.

It happens.

You may have accidentally been so caught up in the beautiful animation and story-line that you may or may not have  belted out a note or five a little louder than you had intended,  only to have your kids stare down the row at you.  embarrassing…..So maybe, you reign it back it in. You are a grown up after all.

Lucky for us, the magic of Disney is allowing us to sing -a-long with the big screen loud & proud. Beginning January 31st Disney’s Frozen will be rereleasing in more than 1000 theaters nationwide so we can all sing-a-long.

Disney has also debuted the hit musical “Let it Go” in 25 languages. You can check out the video here:

What is your favorite song from Disney’s Frozen?


  1. I keep hearing amazing things about the soundtrack – SO many people are talking about it! Haven’t seen it yet, but I’m actually looking forward to it! (There aren’t many movies I truly look forward to seeing.)

  2. My daughter loves Frozen! If the sing-a-long version came to our town I would take her.
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