Blogger Bash 2015 Recap #BBNYC #SweetSuite15

Wow Blogger Bash #BBNYCWOW! Is truly THE word to describe Blogger Bash 2015! It was an incredible 2-day event that was non-stop fun in one of the best locations in NYC.
Tough to imagine but this event outshined even the inaugural 2014 Blogger Bash event I attended last year. As the lead Blogger Bash Rockstar  aka ambassador for this year’s event, I had some insight into a few of the awesome events coming our way but the team was SO incredible they saved a few fun surprises even I didn’t know about. Pier Sixty Blogger Basg #bbnyc Every successful businessperson will tell you its all about : “Location, Location, Location”. Well, we had that covered! Each day started off with a gorgeous view at Pier Sixty. Pier Sixty NYC Blogger Bash #bbnyc

On Thursday, we were treated to an amazing brunch hosted by Care Bears. I can’t think of a better way to #shareyourcare than enjoying a lovely brunch with top bloggers from all over the globe and the cuddliest bears ever!! #ShareYourCareAfter enjoying fabulous food and conversation, some of us were escorted to a special performance and interview with Blue Man Group while others of us were whisked away to specially selected V.I.P. experiences. I can’t wait to tell you about mine!!! (Note: this will only be a highlight. Kids Headquarters was SO fabulous to us that they totally deserve their own post.)  My VIP experience was more than I could have ever imagined!! I knew I would be meeting with Kids Headquarters who has the social media scoop on the hottest things kid related in NYC. Sporty, Classic, Skater, Preppy- they had it ALL!! From fashion, culture, food and family fun , this group was destiny for my family of six.Kids Headquarters BBNYC What I didn’t know was that on top of letting me have a sneak peek at this seasons back-to-school looks ( and maybe next seasons as well- eeek!!!) I would also get a fast pass to the top of the EMPIRE STATE BUILDING!!!! Empire State Building View from the top of the Empire State Building New York City

Ok, so it wasn’t officially a “fast pass” but Kids Headquarters is a tenant in the most famous building in NYC and took me as a their VIP guest up to the top. I have so much more to share- another post soon to come – I promise!! Sweet Suite Blogger Bash #BBNYC

After this incredible VIP experience, I was back to Pier Sixty for Sweet Suite: The Biggest Night of Play! This night gave us an amazing opportunity to connect with the top brands and toys of the year all while sipping on fruity cocktails and fabulous food!  Can you even believe this was ALL just 1 day of fabulousness?!?! Here are just a few of my favorite highlights:

Can you even believe the fab entertainers waiting to greet us?!?! What a way to make an entrance!
Sweet Suite entertainers bbnyc

Bunch O Balloons – My favorite toy/invention aka Mommy’s Summer Solution!!
Bunch O Balloons bbnyc
Skylanders- need I say more? My son is certain I have the coolest job. Mission accomplished. Skylanders bbnyc
After hours of talking, playing, and really delving into the science and sociology behind the product development, I was one tired girl. Luckily I had a great view of the city from my hotel window at Yotel.

Another amazing day began on Friday with an incredible breakfast hosted by Disney Infinity. I was so excited to hear about the product launch of Disney 3.0. There has been buzz surrounding it for literally months! We were given 2 of the newest characters!  IMG_1737 Then later a lunch with the voice cast of this years upcoming Peanuts Movie! ( another post to come on these events as well! So cool!! ) After that, there was a full day of speed dating with brands, panel discussions, awards, and an all- day expo. Whew! It was action packed but RiteAid came to our rescue, making sure our bodies and our electronic were recharged all day in their “Recharge Lounge”. Taking care of yourself is a huge part of be successful in your career. Riteaid recharge BBNYC As if that wasn’t enough, this team put together an incredible french carnival hosted by Canadian Lentils. There was a strongman, a contortionist, a acrobat pouring champaign while being suspended from a chandelier. And the foods were sooo yummy! I honestly, didn’t know lentils could be a desert! 

How #drinks are served at #BBNYC #canadianlentils A photo posted by Blogger Bash (@bloggerbashnyc) on

The #bbnyc gals and #LoveLentils team really ‘bent over backwards’ to make sure the closing event was a blast!

A video posted by Dusty Bastian-Pendleton (@asmomseesit) on

There was not a moment left idle. Each day held so many valuable experiences and it is an understatement to say that there is no other blogging experience like that of Blogger Bash! Thanks again to the incredible Blogger Bash team that made this possible!

Blogger Bash Team bbnyc

If you weren’t there amidst all the excitement and fun, I do hope you’ll join me next year ( Shhhh… a little birdie told me the planning has already begun!) !

If you WERE a Blogger Bash attendee this year- tell me- what was your favorite memory? I know, I know there were tons! You don’t have to pick just one- Leave as many as you like in the comments below.

So much fun one post can’t hold it all- keep coming back to hear about specific events mentioned above that made it incredible!

**While this is part of my Blogger Bash ambassador agreement, all thoughts and opinions are 100% honest & my own.

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