Our High Speed Bus Chase

Moving to a new city has a lot of fun and exciting changes (Like where are the gas stations???? How close is the nearest Starbucks? You know, life’s big questions.) One of the fun new features of moving to a new city is learning how to move within that city. New routes to work, what streets to avoid during rush hour…How DO I get to the nearest Starbucks?
When we first moved to Austin I was driving my own car to work and it was fine. I could drive to and from and get to work relatively whenever I needed to. But one afternoon heading home, my little VW Jetta decided to start making this slight burning, melting smell that alerted my highly trained mechanical side (insert sarcasm) to jump into action and continue driving another 10-15 miles. Once the noxious smell was stinging my eyes (I’m slightly exaggerating, MOM), I pulled over into a parking lot and lifted the hood. Isn’t that what all mechanically inclined people do when things go wrong on the car?
I looked into the utter confounded mass that is German engineering and remembered I am in fact, NOT mechanically inclined. I did happen to find that my fuse box was burning. Even I know that’s not a good thing.
All that brings me to today and my new mode of transportation, The Austin City Transit System or CapMetro, as it’s known. Most days the bus is right on time. I simply get ready in the morning, pour my coffee, kiss my wife before she drives me to the bus. I calmly step on the bus, showing my ticket on my phone (cause they have an app for that now) and ride to work. But not today….
No, today I decided to start my day with a little morning walk and as my wife says “one more thing”.There’s always one more thing, I can’t explain it. No matter how prepared I am the night before, whenever I’m ready to leave the house I always have one more thing to do.
She is right and I admit it completely. But I digress (often)….So, we are flying down the road obeying all posted signage, of course (Sorry Squirrel, you didn’t have a sign).
As we arrive at the stop…. Nobody there. At this point, I succumb to the realization that I’ve missed the bus. It has happened a few times before and the normal M.O. is that Alice will drive me to work and all is well, but not today. Today she has a barre class with the neighbor ladies (I’m sure that will be a future post). She assures me barre class has something to do with stretching, not bar as in mixology (which may be another post also)….. But I digress (again, see I told you)
Today Alice guns it to the next stop…. No one there either. I’ve given up complete hope at this time, but not her…Off to the next stop and what should we see in the distance but the gleaming red and orange blinking lights of the bus, like a beacon of hope to the fishermen from the lighthouse or a flare gun to those lost at sea. There it was off in the distance and the gap was closing… we can make it!! I grab my things and she hollers “GO baby GO!! You can make it!”
I see the brake lights go off and the blinker go on meaning this bus is about to start moving but that doesn’t squelch our  hope. Nope, “TUCK AND ROLL!!!”
Out I dive out, van still rolling and I’m running like mad. The bus lurched forward, my mind flashed question after question.
Do I keep running forward?”
“Do I turn back around and get back in the van to catch it at the next stop?”
“Did I even close the van door when I tucked and rolled?”
Like a phone call from the governor, I got a last second save.
A car stalled out in front of the bus causing it to pause. I caught a second wind and flew to the door. I leapt on grinning ear to ear, pulled out my phone to scan my card and then immediately sit down on my bus seat feeling victorious! We won!!!
We chased down the bus and we won!
Sweet victory of public transportation,  we won!

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