Solving Hydration Issues & the Always Discreet Solution

hydration- Always-Discreet

Anytime I notice a stall in my fitness goals or even a backward trend, I reassess my lifestyle. Sometimes it seems that the issue isn’t directly related to how much time I’m spending at the gym, the frequency of my workouts, or eating “bad” foods. Often its little things that can make the difference between […]

3 Healthy Habits Booklets for Girls from Girl Scouts and Together Counts

3 Healthy Habits Booklets for Girls from Girl Scouts and Together Counts

As a young girl, I was very involved in Girl Scouts. While I did just happen to set a cookie-selling record for my district , participating in  Girl Scouts  meant so much more than selling cookies.  I loved learning about nature, camping, and how to be independent. It helped me to develop great friendships and taught […]

Turning our Kitchen into a Smart Kitchen with The Countertop


The Mr. and I are all things techie. It’s something that bonds us, I guess. An internal quest we both have to find a better way. Recently, we discovered The Countertop , an amazing device to make our kitchen a little smarter. We are super excited to experience it our home soon and sponsoring our […]

Healthy Spring Snack Cups – Perfect for Easter!

Healthy Spring Snack Cups

I love celebrating holidays and seasons with fun foods. It’s also important to our family to stay committed to healthy eating. Sure we splurge now and then. For fun daily after school treats and such, I try keep it both fun and nutrition packed. These Healthy Spring Snack cups are a great alternative to “Dirt […]

3 Yoga Moves to Quickly Improve Posture & Flexibility

yoga moves

Over the last year, I’ve been seeing a chiropractor to correct some lower back and hip issues. Today Stayfree has sponsored our post and has encouraged me to share some ways I’ve been able to benefit from yoga. My chiropractor instructed me do was a prescribed set of daily yoga exercises to enhance flexibility and […]

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