Kids Car Review : 2016 Kia Sedona

Kids Car reviews 2016 Kia Sedona

Now where do I start? Well, if you have been here for awhile, you already know my mom has worked very hard to get to where she is right now. One of the companies she works with that I personally, really like is Kia.  We’ve been driving the 2016 Kia Sedona minivan for a while now. It has these backseat chairs that recline, like ALL the way back,  which are perfect for road trips.

2016 Kia Sedona Kid Car reviews

Just an example off the top of my head, about how great they are is from last weekend….when we went on a trip to Galveston, TX. We drove there which took 3, almost 4, hours. Ugh….and we had to leave at 6am and I remember falling asleep on the way there and then waking up at 8am and thinking that it was 8pm ;).

2016 kia sedona Kid Car review galveston tx

Anyway what was I saying….. Kia, I really like when we get to drive your new vehicles. I like looking around in the car and seeing what I can find/do then I look at the owner’s manual and seeing any “secrets” that I can find out about. Like at first, my sister and I were disappointed because we could not find an entertainment system. So I was looking through the manual and I saw it…… THE ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM!!!!!!!!! Sorry, got a little excited. Since then we’ve watched some movies in there like The Fantastic 4, and Kung Fu Panda 2.

2016 Kia Sedona Kids Car Reviews entertainment system

I only have one complaint…..I like your company, I really do but it’s very hard when your parents tell you “If you want to get paid, clean the Kia.” So I did.

Kid Car Reviews detailing the 2016 Kia Sedona

I started with the driver side and then the passenger side. I vacuumed under the front seats…and under the front carpets surprisingly the middle seats were easier than the back seats. They were the hardest because you have to move the seats back and forth. Now I haven’t talked about the front much yet. That’s mostly because I can’t drive yet.

 I think the seat warmers are a fun feature because you can put the seat all the way up and when your sister sits in the front seat-  she freaks out because her seat  is extra hot- did I mention we live in Texas???

Kia Sedona Heated Seats

To wrap things up, Kia is a really great family company not just for my mom but for me, my dad, my 1 brother, and 2 sisters- for all of us! 

Kid Car reviews Alice Sebastian 2016 Kia Sedona

**disclaimer: No, my mom did not tell my to write this blog. I have a passion for blogging, well, at least helping my mom blog and being funny! 😉  

20 for 20 Family Reading Challenge #read20

Most of us know how important reading is in a young child’s life but as our children become more self-sufficient we can forget how important it is to read with them. Even though our older children don’t need us to read to them any more, we decided to spend family time reading alongside them in Scholastic’s 20 for 20 Family reading challenge.

20 for 20 family reading challenge

The 20 for 20 Family Reading Challenge was created for students to complete with either mom or dad or – even better – both! All you have to do is read together for at least 20 minutes a day for 20 days. To help get everyone pumped up for the challenge Scholastic sent us a selection of books tailored just for us. The kids were thrilled and super excited to pick out which ones they would read first.

To keep everyone on track for the twenty days we are tracking our minutes with a family reading log. You can participate by using the same printable reading log! Just download and save to participate in the challenge at your house.

I hope your family will take the challenge along with us! Here are some great tips to think about as you get started:

20 for 20 Family Reading Challenge Tips
• Allow your children to choose the book or books to read.
• Visit a Scholastic Book Fair together to explore and choose from a wide variety
of interests and reading levels.
• Read at your child’s pace.
• Take your time and really engage in reading together – discuss the story, characters,
plot, events, etc.
• Unplug and shut off electronic devices to really focus on the moment.
• When you and your child complete a chapter or book, take time to reward

No matter how old children become, your involvement in their reading can inspire them, influence their behaviors, affect their thoughts, and strengthen their bond with you. Reading helps children understand their changing world and strengthens their creative thinking. But with so many distractions, many kids are reading less and their skills are suffering. That’s why it’s important to practice reading, just like any other skill.

I’m really looking forward to updating you on the progress we make at the end of our 20 days. What was the last book you read ? Do you have any recommendations for books we should read? 

Indoor ideas for Halloween Fun, treats & coloring sheets!

Rainy days here in Austin may mean we take some of our Halloween fun indoors.  Not to worry, this mamma always has a plan! From kid friendly movies, crafts, and treats we are ready for whatever comes our way.  We’ve got ideas for great Halloween indoor fun too!

Not so scary Movies : Mystery in Care-a-Lot


With a wide range of ages among the kids on the street we like to keep the movies just a little spooky and not too scary. Mystery in Care-a-Lot is the perfect for this! With 3 spooky episodes, focused on the power of caring and sharing, it is delightful for all ages. This DVD is broken down into 3 episodes makes perfect timing for little ones and gives great party transition time for getting set up with crafts and games! “Join the the Care Bears for a Halloween-themed adventure filled with friendship and good cheer. The Bears show the power of caring and sharing as they transform bad dreams into sweet ones, solve the mystery of the legendary Scare Bear, and save Care-a-Lot from turning into Grump-a-Lot in this delightful collection that kids and their families will love!” (Get a copy for your Halloween party here!)

Treats not Tricks

When kids are having to spend lots of time indoors, filling them up with sugary confections with no where to burn off the extra energy is a very frightening thought so opting for these treats may help keep things fun and under control.

Dark Chocolate covered apples– Take a twist on the traditional caramel covered apples. The pairing of dark chocolate and apples create an antioxidant-rich dynamic duo that may help protect your heart.

Spiders on a log– This concept is pretty self explanatory just adorn your almond butter filled celery sticks with a plastic spider or two.

Mandarin Oranges made into pumpkins

Cheese Stick ghosts


Craft ideas

If you have creative ghosts and gouls here are a few fun and simple Halloween crafts to keep them from getting into trickery.

Glow in the Dark Slime

Paper Plate Vampires & Paper Plate Ghosts

Care Bears Coloring sheet:

Care_Bears_MIC_activity sheet

Keep up with the latest on Care Bears: You can also find Care Bears on Facebook , YouTube, & on Pinterest. 2 lucky readers will win a copy of Mystery in Care-a-Lot! Just comment below or tweet about the giveaway to enter. (Contest will end on 10/30 11:59 cst)

Back to School Style with OshKosh B’gosh #backtobgosh

I participated in a Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for OshKosh B’Gosh. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation #BacktoBgosh #BgoshJeanius
Back to school! Can you even believe it?! We had such a fun summer that I seriously put everything off until the final few days before school began to get things done. I don’t know what was to blame for my “no worries” approach to the coming school year. When I realized meet the teacher was only one afternoon away, we finally got a move on and hit the back to school shopping groove.
Osh Kosh B'gosh
This year we were short on time, we were only going to have enough time to visit one store carrying both boys and girls clothing in their sizes. I also anticipated letting them have some freedom in picking out their Back to School Style. (What this really means is that we would be strategic in where we shopped so that I could let them pick out “whatever they wanted”, knowing it wouldn’t break the bank OR allowing them to pick out something completely inappropriate for school.) OshKosh B’gosh was everything we were looking for!

FullSizeRender (59)
Usually I spend weeks scouring the back to school sales trying to find the best deals. OshKosh B’gosh had amazing deals AND a 25% off coupon ( click here for coupon).
OshKosh Coupon

I don’t think I will bother with deal searching ever again. We will just head straight to our local OshKosh B’gosh store. Check out the store locator to find the store closest to you.


Both Kaitlyn and Sebastian were both able to find several outfits they loved and that made them feel comfortable and confident.

I loved that we were able to pick out all our back to school clothing, try it on and everyone – including my wallet- was happy. We seriously spent less than $130. So impressed!

B’Gosh Jeanius Campaign

OshKosh B’gosh wants ALL  kids to have what they need for school, from blue jeans to books! OshKosh B’gosh, in partnership with K.I.D.S./ Fashion Delivers, Inc., and will give customers the opportunity to donate a new pair of jeans or make a cash donation to a students in need this school year. All denim donated from July 28 through September 16, 2015, will be delivered to local children in need through K.I.D.S./Fashion Delivers, while cash donations will be dispersed to local

The Carters Charitable foundation will match all cash donations up to $50,000 and all denim donations with a new item of clothing.

Give kids a leg up! Donate a new pair of blue jeans or make a cash donation at the register. We saved so much time and money, that it was easy to add a pair of jeans to donate.
For more information visit:

I can’t wait to show you the outfits they selected for the first day of school!!

What was on your back to school shopping list this year ?

What’s on your Back to School Playlist? Best Buy and Insignia Speakers

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card &/or product
insignia speakers bts

Did you know studies and researchers have found that music can actually help students study to get better grades?? Simply adding familiar music as ambient noise can help you focus and be able to better retain information.  Well…. Say No More. We are on it! Top priority is creating that playlist (or 10).

These days it’s easier than ever to bring your music with you as it ways to listen have become inherently portable. It is a huge part of our lives. Help your kiddos rock their school year with these 2 very affordable Insignia speaker options from Best Buy.

DEAL ALERT!! Right now you can get 30% off any Insignia Portable Bluetooth Speaker.  (Thru 9/5 Eligible skus include: 3812136, 3812085, 3812076, 3812145, 3812109, 3812127, 3812094, 3812118, 417024)

Insignia™ portable speaker

Insignia™ portable speaker

Kids can listen to their music at home or on the go with this Insignia™ portable speaker. The silicone strap and lightweight design allows it to be clipped virtually anywhere- think backpack, bike, purse, or belt loop! Kaitlyn is planning to take hers along this way as she walks to school this year. It is so much safer than wearing headphones because you can still hear cars and noises.  It features Bluetooth technology for easy wireless audio streaming.

I tested ours out over the weekend at the pool. To my surprise this little speaker packs a powerful sound and is splash proof, so I didn’t have to worry about water ruining it for later. I also discovered it is great in the car as a hands-free, Bluetooth speaker phone.

Product Features:
•Compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices for wireless audio streaming.
•Splash-proof design
•1.5W total system power (2W peak power), produces quality sonic output
• USB charging port keeps electronic devices powered, so you can continue enjoying your favorite songs.
• Rechargeable lithium battery provides up to 6 hours of playback time on a full charge.

Insignia plug in wireless speaker

Insignia Plug In Bluetooth Speaker

This speaker is my top choice for group study sessions. Designed as a wireless audio solution for your home, it plugs directly into your wall outlets – no wires, shelf space or expensive receiver needed. Wirelessly stream your favorite audio in any room of your home with this Insignia plug-in Bluetooth speaker. The speaker features a built-in power adapter and rechargeable battery, allowing over 2 hours of playback.

Unlike some other higher priced plug-in Bluetooth speakers, this Insignia speaker does not need to be plugged in at all times to work. It’s sleek, white design blends in to your home and its portability makes it perfect for taking it with you while you’re outside or on the go.

Product Features:
• Compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices for wireless audio streaming.
• Auxiliary audio input jack connects your non-Bluetooth devices for more listening options.
• Built-in power adapter allows the speaker to stay plugged into a wall outlet to maintain a full charge.
• USB charging port keeps electronic devices powered, so you can continue enjoying your favorite songs.
• Built-in rechargeable battery enables over 2 hours of playback when taking your speaker on the go

We will be publishing our favorite Back to School playlist soon! What songs do you think we should add?