A Meaningful Gift for the Last Minute Gift Giver in All of us : Canvas Prints

Okay guys, the holiday countdown has started. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but if you haven’t started your holiday shopping, you are behind. Maybe, mayyyyy-be I’m bringing this to your attention because I too am behind (confession: I am TOTALLY behind).  In an effort to also be the bearer of good news, I’ve partnered with CanvasDiscount.com and Bravomark for a pretty great solution to our gift giving woes. 

Good News: CanvasDiscount.com

As the name suggests, CanvasDiscount.com offers a fabulous selection of canvas prints at a discount. This is an excellent bonus in my opinion because if you have yet to start shopping you may not have thought to set a budget for aforementioned shopping either… but who am I to make assumptions? (I’m the author of this post, obviously and if you are reading this you didn’t make a budget. Neither did I. Let’s just admit it. It’s fine. We’re all in this sinking ship together). Remember that good news I was bringing? I have even better news to share! 

90% off of all Canvas Prints at CanvasDiscount.com

After talking with CanvasDiscount.com they created a special landing site just for us , up to 90% off of all Canvas Prints seen on CanvasDiscount.com. You do have to click on this specific link to reach that landing page and get the discount though. If you just google the website, you won’t reach the page with the discount applied. 

And in case the walls of your gift recipient are all filled up, there are a number of other things you can order on the site as well : phone cases, puzzles, blankets, cushions, mugs, and photos on aluminum or acrylic, or in frames for workspaces. 

Whether you are gifting a friend, relative, coworker, client, or all of the above you can have your list checked off in no time at a very affordable cost! Guys, I’ve just made our lives so easy! Now all you have to do is click here ,start scrolling through your phone and pick out your favorite pics of 2018. And remember to pick ones where you BOTH look good. 😉 

Happy Shopping!! My canvas prints are already on the way- I’ll be sure to update you guys as soon as they arrive. I can’t wait to show you!!! 

*** To Guaranteed Delivery in time for Christmas:

Wall Deco: 12/17/18
Home & Lifestyle: 12/16/18
Photo Gifts (except Phone Case & children`s book): 12/16/18

Shopping Online? Save Money with Groupon Coupons!

(This is a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% my own.)

Whenever we have moved to a new city or are off exploring a new place for the first time, I love checking out Groupon.com for great deals on interesting restaurants or activities that are exclusive to that area. However it looks like I haven’t been utilizing the site to its fullest potential.

Shopping Online? Save Money with Groupon Coupons!

Chances are, you’ve probably used Groupon a time or two as well by now. But did you know Groupon has a coupon section for shopping your everyday retailers too. You can find hundreds of coupons thru Groupon Coupons for retailers you are already shopping online like Nordstrom’s, Target, Home Depot, Pet Smart and others.

Groupon Coupons

As we get ready to move in a few months, I will be doing a lot of online shopping for our new home too. I’m going to need a few new appliances. Groupon Coupons has me set with the best deals from Best Buy. Home repair or DIY projects- guess what?  I found great coupons for Home Depot as well. Randall will need to add a few new garments to his professional wardrobe and I’ll be sure to check coupons for his favorite stores too.  (More money saved on those purchases means more money I can spend on Groupon getaways! But seriously…)

I do quite a bit of travel planning online prior to heading out on a trip. Checking out the coupons available for booking car rental, hotel or other travel basics can add up. Saving money on things like this beforehand allows us to enjoy vacation time even more while we are away and spend a little more on luxuries where we REALLY want to. I’ll keep you updated through Twitter for my favorite daily Groupon deals & coupons so be sure to follow me there!

Have you used Groupon.com or Groupon Coupons to shop before? What are the coolest deals or experiences you’ve found using the site?

Star Wars – Bring The Force to Breakfast

We have a lot of fun with Star Wars at our house. Most of which we credit to Dad  for introducing it in the family years ago with a full on movie marathon ( yes, we own EVERY one!). When we discovered the new Star Wars Cereal it seemed only fitting that we Bring The Force to Breakfast for Dad this Father’s Day. (click here to get $1.00 off Star Wars cereal!)

Star Wars Cereal coupon

On top of the Star Wars cereal, we decided to put together a few more themed items. DIY light-sabers for the whole family, printable storm trooper masks for our servers, and of course I downloaded our theme music. It was so simple to put together!

Star Wars – Bring The Force to Breakfast

Star Wars Breakfast party

I had seen a ton of parties with DIY light sabers but I had no idea how easy it really was until we did it. It was a super inexpensive and took all of about 10 minutes to put together. I expect to have random light saber challenges all summer long.

Star Wars DIY Light Sabers

We printed and cut out storm trooper masks for our servers and intro’ed them in with theme music. They did a great job!

Storm troopers Star Wars Cereal

What they didn’t know was that Dad had a surprise waiting for them!! Plot Twist! Watch our video below to see what happens next….

A video posted by alicechase (@alicechase) on

We had a lot of family fun making this Father’s Day special for Dad. Between June 2015 and June 2016, 6 limited edition boxes featuring different characters will be released. The boxes will come out in pairs and each will feature a “light side” and “dark side” character. I’ll be picking them up as they come out and no doubt everyone will remember the fun we created today. I’ll also be using the $1.00 OFF coupon for future purchases. Don’t forget to download yours here!

We’ve collected a few more ideas on creating your own Star Wars party here.

Which side of The Force are you on? 

Help your Dad GoPro this Father’s Day!!

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

If your Dad is anything like the dads we know, chances are he tries to convince you he’s a pro at just about everything already. Make it an all-in-one awesome Father’s Day and help Dad capture his adventures and relive them on the spot with the new GoPro HERO+ LCDThere may be a few funny moments of your Dad you want captured on film as well!

GoPro at Best Buy Father's Day

I was actually shopping for one of these yesterday (shhhh, for myself). The new GoPro camera is perfect for capturing sweet family moments, long summer breaks and every journey that lies ahead. There are so many beach & water pictures that I want to capture and GoPro does it best!

GoPro at Best Buy

While we already have several different cameras and recording devices, the GoPro HERO +LCD just offers features that my others don’t. Here is what really makes the difference : 1080p60 video, 8MP photos and built-in Wi-Fi, plus the convenience of a touch display. It also has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® that connect to the GoPro App for shot preview, total camera control and easy content sharing to Instagram, Facebook, and more. I want to be able to share these fantastic memories right away and GoPro lets me do that!

GoPro Hero BestBuy


Here are a few of the GREAT deals I found at Best Buy for GoPro just in time for Father’s Day-

  • HERO+LCD (Sku 6954009) with free 32GB Extreme Plus memory card (Sku 9387066). Valid 6/14-6/20
  • · Free $50 Best Buy Gift Card with purchase of the GoPro HERO4 Silver (Sku 8374096) or GoPro HERO4 Black (Sku 8374078). Valid 6/7-6/20

What are you getting YOUR dad for Father’s Day this year? 

Free Thrive Coffee at Chickfila Everyday in February

Happy Groundhog Day Everyone!! Free coffee is perfect in any weather, right?!

Free Thrive Coffee at Chickfila Everyday in February

No matter if there’s a few more weeks of winter or we have an early spring, Chick-fil-A’s new specialty-grade THRIVE coffee is perfect for any weather! And during the entire month of February, Chick-fil-A restaurants nationwide will give customers a FREE cup of hot or iced coffee all day long! This offer includes 12 ounce (small) hot or 16 ounce (medium) iced sizes and is available while supplies last. The offer is available anytime during regular restaurant hours and is limited to one cup of coffee per customer, per visit. No additional purchase is necessary and no substitutions are available.

I was able to among the first to try out THRIVE Coffee when it launched at my local Chick-Fil-A- read all about my experience with it here.