Back to School Savings List

Back to School Savings

I don’t know of anyone who isn’t looking to save a little during the back to school season. Whether you are a teacher, Mom, Dad, Grandparent or just looking to donate a few things to your local school this Back to School Savings Coupon List should come in handy! School Supply List Coupons $0.50 off any Clorox [...]

Our Kids became Video Stars with Fruit Shoot

Fruit Shoot

Thanks to Fruit Shoot for sponsoring this opportunity for creative play but the ideas and imagination are all our own. With now just a week left before our summer is officially over, I have been looking for unique and memorable things to do with our kiddos. Although there are a million things to do in [...]

Our New House – a preview

Welcome Home our new house front

Moving from the house you’ve called home for the last 8+ years is truly a huge deal. Especially when it was during a season of so much “life”.  Our previous home held so many memories of our kids growing up. Sebastian taking his first steps. Sydney and Jonathan getting ready for first dances and dates. [...]

Even when I don’t feel like it… I’m Enough

I'm Enough Collage

Psst….Wanna know a secret??? Sometimes I don’t feel pretty. Know what else? Sometimes I get totally distracted by phone calls, and homework, and I leave the sheets in the washing machine and even though it’s almost midnight my husband can’t go to bed until they finish drying. Sometimes it’s 4 am and I’m working instead [...]

Snackeez Review: The Easy Roadtrip Snack Solution

Snackeez pic

With the transition of our move,  we’ve been spending even more time than usual in our cars. Our kids are generally great road-trippers but after making several trips scheduled so close together we needed to find a few items to make life a little easier on everyone. To help make our road trips easier Snackeez [...]