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Road Trips Redefined : The Only Three Things You Need On The Road with Kids

If you've been following us for any amount of time, you know we love to road trip. There is not a single road trip that is too long or short for us to venture out on. We've pretty much had it down to a science and could get off work Friday afternoon, throw the essentials in a bag, and be out the door for a weekend away in no time. Now that we are … [Read More...]

Conversations with Strangers

Forget everything you've heard about not talking to strangers. Okay, maybe not everything. Trust your instincts always, but from time to time the perspective a stranger can offer is exactly the view you've been seeking. Conversations with Strangers I've often been told my life plays out like a rom-com of the late 90's. Truthfully, I'd love it if … [Read More...]