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Stop Nagging Your Kids to Brush their Teeth and Make it Fun! #TheraBreathKids

For this post we've partnered with TheraBreath for Kids! and The Motherhood to offer up better ideas for oral care routines for our families. All opinions are 100% mine. Before bed: "Have you brushed your teeth?" Before leaving for school: "Did you remember to brush?" After ice cream or candy: "Go brush your teeth." Who else is growing … [Read More...]

What I’ve Learned about Parenting Teenagers Might Offend You

Part of parenting is giving these humans enough space to let them be their own people. It's a delicate balance of guiding them, equipping them, teaching them social graces, and setting them free. I've always felt like it was an honor to be the one to guide these lives but I've never felt like I owned them. I'm still very much responsible for … [Read More...]