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Taking New Turns & Turning Heads : The Honda Civic Type R

Everyone has a way of marking the timeline of their life. Your grandparents may have dated theirs with “Well, when Eisenhower was president...” Some will calculate seasons by who they were romantically involved with. Mothers and fathers measure timelines with dates of pregnancies or children’s birthdays. Growing up in an automotive family, the … [Read More...]

Raising the Bar on Infant Car Seat Safety – Win A Britax Endeavours Car Seat!!

If you've ever brought a newborn home from the hospital you probably have a vivid memory of the way it felt driving away with that tiny baby bundled in the car seat for the first time.  The nervous feelings of "Oh my gosh, they are letting us leave with this baby?" "Why is everyone driving so fast and crazy on theses roads?" "Is this seat buckled … [Read More...]